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Vision & Mission


We aim to help every organization to retain their intellectual property and grow their business with efficient, standardized processes which can be centrally managed; thus, flourishing sustainably and more profitably.


What is Teamkenko?

Collaboration, Workflow, Intellectual Property and Beyond

Teamkenko is a cloud-based management tool to help solving the industry's issues with cost of labor - management and time consuming for tasks and knowledge management.

Centralized Management. Monitoring all activities and operations within the organization at any point in time to create transparency.

Standardized Processes Clear picture of every operations in the organization with specific instruction to complete each step, which helps minimizing the amount of management input.

Retained Intellectual Property. Detailed instruction and processes provides a simple method to handle issues and to capture the business knowledge.

Reduced Cost and Inefficiency. Transparent activities and detailed processes helps business become more profitable.

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